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Avg products are the best and reliable way to give safety and security for PC, Mac and mobile. It includes products like tune up, performance and more. The Avg antivirus for PC protects from all kinds of threat like virus, spyware, ransomware and other. Avg antivirus blocks from unsafe link, download and email attachment as well as it scans for PC performance problem. It also does real time update and also there is tool to improve the performance of the system. The internet security scans and removes the virus, malware, spyware and other threat before they enter the system.


It also secures your USB and DVD drives and the advanced artificial intelligence on the computer proactively identify malware sample that have not been catalogued by threatlab. There is PUA scanner which potentially scans for unwanted program that you may have downloaded unknowingly and the cloud based technology stops from newest malware variant and outbreaks in real time. Turbo scan reduces the scanning time by skipping files which is already know to be safe and the behavior shield monitors for any suspect behavior of the system. Web and email protection checks for email attachment to stop threat that may have come from unknown sender with malware and the web shield scans the downloaded files before they reach the computer. The Wi-Fi guard also lets you to block malicious hotspot and also protects from unsecure Wi-Fi network. Toolbar remover removes the unwanted or potentially dangerous browser toolbar and extension that you may have installed without unknowingly.

Enhanced firewall gives you to full control of incoming and outgoing traffic and the ransomware protection offers you extra layer of protection. Coming to privacy protection it comes with webcam protection, data safe and file shredder where the webcam protection make the untrusted apps to get permission before they access and the data safe hides the private files from hackers or thieves. File shredder gives you secure deletion preventing from unauthorized recovery. Whenever you do shopping or banking, you can do transaction in a secure manner and also blocks copycat website to prevent from accidentally giving your password or credit card number to the bad guys. AVG tune up optimizes the PC performance and fixes problem with 40 inbuilt tools to optimize the performance. It gives you more speed with less crashing, longer battery and more disk space to your system. The live optimization works silently in the background to improve the responsiveness of your work and games. AVG tune up also deletes unnecessary windows cache and logs as well as delete duplicate files, docs and other files. It also enhances your battery life and get smoother gaming experience with more than 35 power tools to boost your game.

AVG secure VPN for Mac lets you to give secure and private connection to unrestricted internet access where it encrypts your connection to make that no one can snoop your online activity. No one can track your online activity and the military grade encryption keeps your data safe on any device even if you use your public Wi-Fi. You can also access blocked content and get unrestricted access to internet content.


AVG Security for PC and Mac

AVG is one of the top antivirus program, tune up and performance program for PC, Mac and mobile with latest feature available in the product. The antivirus shields from all kinds of virus, malware, ransomware, spyware and other threat to keep the system free from threat. It scans for PC problem and blocks from unsafe link, downloads and email attachment to keep the system running at a stable condition. You also get real time security updates to protect from latest threat and also keeps your personal data safe in online. AVG internet security protects all your personal device and from all kinds of threat like virus, ransomware, spyware, rootkits and more. It also secures your USB and DVD drives to give added protection for the system. The security updates are done automatically which uses advanced artificial intelligence and real time analysis to protect from latest threat. Email shield technology targets email attachment to stop threat wherever they come from and gives protection against unsecure Wi-Fi spots. There is enhanced firewall with full control for incoming and outgoing traffic and has ransomware protection to keep the files, photos and password in a secure manner. Whereas in privacy protection, it has webcam protection, data safe and file shredder. you can stop unwanted application from accessing the webcam and the private files, photos are encrypted from prying eyes. File shredder lets you to permanently delete files in a secure manner and it prevents from unauthorized recovery.

Do online shopping and online banking in a secure manner that prevents from copycat website, prevent from accidentally giving your password or credit card number. It also blocks from spam and phishing email to keep the inbox clean as well as prevents fake website where you may give your personal information unknowingly that may give access for the hackers to get details. Get protection from hijacking your DNS Where AVG internet security is necessary one in every family. You can also shield your Android phone with mobile security that locks your private apps and photos. It helps you to find out the mobile when loose and also keeps your personal data safe even though if you have lost. AVG ultimate resolves all problem in your PC which improves speed of your pc and also free up disk space. It optimizes the PC performance and cleans up junk files which also removes duplicate photos, docs and other files. Tune up program cleans the registry file and also reorganizes your registry to eliminate database problem. You also get extended battery life in your laptop after doing the cleaning process and the automatic software updater checks and updates all the essential program for the system. Get AVG Ultimate coupons and save more than 50% using promo codes and deals. With AVG tune up, you can also recover accidentally deleted files and also updates the outdated software.

AVG driver updater automatically checks for the latest driver and fixes all driver problem. It scans all your driver and recommend the right ones AVG driver updater resolves computer freezes, crashes & bug, printer problem, connectivity issue and jittery mouse movement. It speeds up your browsing and downloading speed as well as fixes dropping Wi-Fi connection to ensure stable connectivity. This product also checks for the latest graphic driver to give a smoother gaming experience and for video playback.

AVG Ultimate Coupon up to 70% Off

Everyone can get the best antivirus and PC optimization software for all kinds of device at AVG. Attain deal on the security and optimization software by using discount coupons or promo codes. AVG antivirus is easy to use and comes with robust cloud based threat detection method. The antivirus protects the computer from virus, worms, trojan, root kits and other spyware while browsing or checking your email. AVG antivirus can block infected links, check files before you download them as well as protects your personal data. It does scanning without slowing down the system and there are many new function to make it as a effective antivirus. There is many features like linkscanner active surf, linkscanner search, new superior phishing protection and web shield where the linkscanner ensures that every webpage that you visit is safe and the linkscanner search applies safety rating to your google, bing, yahoo or msn search results. The new superior phishing protection checks to ensure that web pages really are what they appear to be. Web shield lets you to download and exchange files without risking virus infections and the email scanner lets you to be safe from dangerous attachment and links in your e-mail. The AVG Ultimate comes with PC analyzer that checks for registry error, junk files and broken short cuts that can be deleted. AVG Ultimate comes with real time protection and has advanced AI and real time analysis tool to stop threats from reaching you. All security updates are done automatically and to protect from latest threat. There is smart scan feature that lets you to scan the whole computer or a particular location. You can also schedule to perform scan on specified dates and the identity theft module protects all the digital asset and blocks activities that lead to ID theft.

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The PC optimization software clean up and optimizes the PCs, Mac and mobile devices. It makes your system running like new and also free up disk space. The tune up software gives longer battery life and also fixes windows crash. It updates all the essential program to fix security hole, fix bug and other features. Tune up software helps to fix and prevent problem with windows, hard disk, your program and accidentally deleted file. From Android phone and tablet, you can remove hidden junk files, duplicate photos, battery- hogging apps and many more. You cam also get best gaming experience with more than 35 power tools to boost your game. Avail AVG coupon codes with up to 75% discount deals and promotional codes for a limited period. Avg tune up does automatic maintenance which speeds up and cleans your PC automatically and the program deactivator stops unused program from slowing down. The improved disk cleaner can clean more than 200 PC programs and the duplicate finder eliminates hidden duplicate files. Fix common PC problem with few clicks and also there remote pc cleaning that clean up all your family PCs. It has more than 40 built in tool to optimize your PC performance to work at peak performance. You can also remotely mange all your registered device from single intuitive management screen. Live optimization works silently in the background to enhance responsiveness of work and game. The automatic software updater checks and scans programs for the latest updates to install them automatically. This software is user friendly and has lot of feature for everyone’s need.